Saturday, May 15, 2010

Playing Tourist

One of my absolute favorite things about living in NYC is that people always seem to be visiting. Not only is it always great to catch up with old friends (that goes without saying), but it's also fun to have an excuse to do the touristy things I wouldn't typically do on my own. New Yorkers seem extremely averse to any sort of tourist attraction, but I have to admit that sometimes its just fun every now and then! Sooo here are some of the highlights of my touristy weekend with my darling friend Mindy, who is also way better at taking pictures than me so I have her to credit for the majority of these...

There are a lot of touristy things I'm okay with, but it takes a lot for me to take pics in Times Square! Mindy you're lucky I love you..

walking over the Williamsburg Bridge

Back in Manhattan

Finally went to Katz's! This picture doesn't even do this sandwich justice, it was the biggest thing I've seen in my life

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  1. i walked over the brooklyn bridge (with you) and the manhattan bridge, but never the williamsburg bridge...and i lived in williamsburg. i guess i rode the JMZ trains over it enough times to last me a lifetime. haha. LOVE the photos. i always wanted to do top of the rock! INCREDIBLE shot!! main fb quality!! love you!