Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buenos Aires so far...

Hello friends in the US! Of course I couldn't stay away from a computer and Internet as much as I'd hoped to disconnect during this trip... It definitely makes it easier having free wifi in the apartment we're staying in, and since my family is still tired from traveling (hence why I got here two days earlier) I'm sneaking onto Mom's computer to catch up on life.

So Buenos Aires has been amazing so far, spent the first two days exploring on my own/hanging with my brother and his study abroad group. Although his program is really different than mine (his was 14 kids and they all lived with host families, mine was 60 of us and we all lived in the same apartment building) it makes me really miss my study abroad "family" from Verona.

The area we're staying in is called Palermo, which is definitely walkable and for the most part safe to roam around and explore. The first day I just checked out the markets and shops around my hostel and then met little bro and friends for drinks after. The exchange rate definitely works in our favor, and I'm glad I left lots of room in my suitcase to bring back the clothes and jewelry I have bought/still plan on buying :)

Sunday we went to San Telmo, another part of town that has a super cool market/antique shopping area that I'd heard all about from friends and guidebooks alike. First order of business was to snag seats for the Argentina vs. Mexico soccer game (just like tailgating in the US - need to get there a good 4 hours before the game to get seats!) but once we had staked out our territory in the bar, we wandered around the market a bit and did some shopping (pics to come when I'm back in NYC and have access to my camera cord). Considering the game was literally the first soccer game I've watched during the World Cup from start to finish, it was a blast. I'm not a huge soccer fan to begin with, but as I discovered recently after watching about 30 minutes and having a few drinks I will become a fan of any sport (basketball included, which I really didn't think was possible). So for those of you who don't care about the World Cup now that the US is out of it, Argentina won 3-1 and of course insanity ensued in the city. They were lighting off fireworks, everyone was honking horns and hanging out of car windows waving flags. And I thought Athens was crazy after UGA wins a football game...

Mom and Dad got here yesterday so we're all in an apartment on the other side of Palermo. I'd been saving the super-touristy activities for once they arrived, so the next few days will be jam-packed with sightseeing. The highlight on the itinerary so far is the Tango show we're going to tonight, cannot wait! Aaand everyone's starting to wake up, guess I should get off the computer and get started with the day :) xo


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