Thursday, June 3, 2010

NYC vs. LA part 2

Elle and Wendy, you completely made my day with your comments! It's really fun to get perspective, especially from two girls who have spent a decent amount of time living in both NYC and LA - definitely makes you think.

I guess what it comes down to is that there's no real perfect city for everyone, there's just somewhere that is perfect for you, and that place may change day to day. Like I said in my last post, Sarasota was perfect for me up through high school, Athens was perfect for the next four years, and New York has my heart for now. You can analyze pros and cons, but everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages - and so does every situation. The one thing I really really can't stand about New York is the winter, but there truly is something charming about walking through snow flurries and getting excited about the holiday decorations throughout the city. Yes, people are mean in New York but it makes you stronger... you know what they say, live in New York but leave before it makes you hard; live in California but leave before it makes you get too soft. Maybe that's how I'll decide I need to leave New York... right when I'm on the verge of becoming a terrible person. Kidding :)

Most of my pros and cons were just me trying to be silly. No matter how many things I can pick apart to love or hate about New York, it's right for me at this point on my life and who knows how much longer. Aaaaaand on that note, it's only appropriate to end this with a genius quote from Sex and the City (that I think Elle, you introduced me to actually)...

"If you can only have one great love, the city just may be mine. And I can't have nobody talking shit about my boyfriend."


  1. there are no words to describe how truly perfect this post was--it reminds me of something carrie bradshaw wrote or, rather, read out loud, back when the show was on. your closing quote was a great choice and you're right, i do think i introduced you to it!

    i love what you said about places being right for you at certain times. i definitely know nyc was right for me this past year--there were ups and downs, but it made me grow tremendously. i'm not on the verge of getting hard, but i am on the verge of getting terribly annoyed, so i think it's time to soften up a bit in cali. i don't plan to leave, but if i do start getting too soft, i'll just come visit you and take a ride on the sweaty, packed 6 train to remind me how tough us new yorkers really can be.

    let's definitely get together soon--anytime next week or the week after is perfect. where should we go that we haven't tried? anywhere we can have a rooftop drink or dinner?

  2. Wooo I got a shout-out on your blog!!

    The New York holiday decorations are amazing. I was up there for Thanksgiving last year, and I taped the Saks snowflakes song. Does that make me a dork? Yes, but I embrace it. :)

    As for too soft in California... I think it depends on which part of California you're going to call home. Hollywood is tough, and I had WAY more nights where I went home and cried than I ever did in NY. However, every other part of California is lovely and very laid back. I guess it's because it IS Hollywood and it's to be expected. :)

    With that being said, I hope you got to experience everything California has to offer! Please tell me you tried Yogurtland. It kicks Pinkberry's ass. (And you know I love Pinkberry)