Friday, June 18, 2010

Limelight... a month ago

Whoops. Usually I'm better about posting about new NYC discoveries, but this one is way overdue. After reading this New York Mag article, I was intrigued to go check out the new Limelight Marketplace that opened a few months ago. I can't decide if I was more excited to check out the fun shops and restaurants or walk around imagining what this place may have been like when it was a crazy 80s club, but it was fun to do a combination of both.

From the outside, the Limelight still looks like an old church. In fact, from the inside certain parts still resemble a church - I love that they kept the stained glass and arching ceiling structures.

While we didn't buy anything, it definitely was a fun place to wander around and explore for an afternoon - and close to home on 20th and 6th! In addition to the shops, there's a cute little market, Cupcake Stop (our favorite), a gelato shop and more. AND there will be a Grimaldi's/maybe already is - it was supposed to open in May when the whole mall opened but apparently has been delayed to who knows when. It wasn't open when we visited, but I'm excited to go back and check it out. Since I still have yet to eat at the Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (boo for epic lines and not enough time), I'm pretty excited to try the place - despite what everyone says about the best part being walking over the bridge to get there. I've already done the walking over the bridge part, now I just want to try the pizza :)

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