Sunday, June 21, 2009

Always Carry a Camera, Volume II

Another week, another collection of random pictures.

I pass this every day on the way to work and really wonder how nobody has realized "mistakes" is spelled wrong.

Gramercy Park, the beautiful park right down the street from my apartment that you need a key to enter.  I'll get in there one day...

"Tiles for America," Greenwich Village.

Only in New York... clothing stores for dogs.  I guess they're getting ready for the 4th of July?

Not really sure what this means, but thought it was cool regardless.

Questionable ad for a wine company. Apparently if your small child likes it, that means it's good wine?


  1. Jess- I think the "misteaks" spelled wrong is on purpose- as part of the saying (people make mistakes like this one- get it?)...

  2. haha I KNEW there had to be a reason for it... and now I feel kind of silly for not realizing it until you pointed it out.

    okay, so does anyone have a logical explanation for the little boy/cask of wine poster?