Sunday, June 28, 2009

These Are A Few Of New Yorkers' Favorite Things

Every city is known for certain food: Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks, Boston has its clam chowder, New Orleans has its crawfish. However, if I had to pick one thing New York is known for, I'd have a pretty hard time. While the most common answer would probably be pizza, there are a few other random things I've noticed New Yorkers are obsessed with.

Frozen Yogurt. I'm partial to Pinkberry, but there are thousands of places in the city that are the exact same concept. It's not that bad for you, especially when topped with fresh fruit instead of chocolate sprinkles.

Cupcakes. Of course everyone loves cupcakes, but New Yorkers seem to be particularly obsessed with them and there are fancy cupcake shops every where you look (Crumbs, Magnolia Bakery, etc.)

Bagels. I'm pretty sure people in the South don't even know what real bagels are. True story: I had friends home from school for Spring Break and they really didn't know what to do when my mom brought us home a dozen bagels (we all know Florida is more similar to New York than the South when it comes to food/just about everything).

Falafel. I'll be honest, I had my first falafel experience last night so that may be why I felt the need to include it in my list. There are stands on every corner, they're super cheap and soo good! Side note: gyros are equally as cheap and delicious. 

The list goes on, but these are a few of my favorites that I've noticed seem to be widely appreciated throughout the city. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to end this post before I try to eat my computer screen...


  1. I was so worried that you weren't going to include falafel on that list! Made my day when I saw it. And now I'm craving one...

  2. Can't believe you forgot to include CHEESECAKE!! Especially from Junior's...

  3. Ah I did forget cheesecake, I knew I was missing something! I guess because I haven't had cheesecake since I got here, I need to get on that.

    And Lauren, I've been craving one since Saturday night! maybe lunch today...

  4. I love this post. Bakery cookies are a must as well, the little fun tea cookie ones. :)

    I can't wait to eat all of that when I visit.