Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here I am again, borrowing Internet from Gregory's Coffee... just 5 more days until my cable and Internet get hooked up!  Aside from my lack of cable though, my apartment is really coming together.  I'm making a trip out to Ikea (my first time, I'm very excited about it) on Wednesday to get some more furniture but I'm finally done unpacking and decorating!  My parents have been asking for pictures, so I figured this would be the best place to post them.  They're a little blurry since they're from my iPhone, but they're better than nothing...

The "bedroom" ... okay, so it's a studio but I still like to pretend there are separate rooms.

The "dining room" / table that made me cry because it had to be taken apart to fit through my front door.

The "living room" ... I'm planning to put a dresser between the windows, put my TV on top of it, and have a couch across from it. 


Little pieces of Athens in the kitchen (go dawgs!).

More UGA stuff...

So that's pretty much it! It probably looks bigger than it is because of all the different wall shots, but I'm okay with it being tiny and I love it.  Having pictures of all my friends and family definitely makes it feel like home, so I'm happy! 

Tomorrow is my first day of my internship at Peppercom, I'm so excited to get started and meet everyone! Everyone I've talked to and met so far that works there has been so friendly and nice, and I know I'm going to love it.  I'll report back after my first week/whenever I have a reliable Internet connection next!

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  1. What's your rent for that tiny little space?