Monday, June 29, 2009

Are There Trees in New York?

When I was looking at apartments a few months ago, one of my mother's biggest concerns was where the nearest park was (that, and the fact that the Police Department be across the street from my apartment - check!). I laughed at her of course, I mean who really cares where the closest park is? Who even goes to parks? 

I think part of the reason I never really appreciated parks was that I grew up in Florida. On the water. There were palm trees in my backyard, so I really never had to go far to feel close to nature (yes, I consider palm trees nature). Although I laughed at my silly park-seeking mother a few months ago, I now completely understand her park obsession. Not that there have been many park-friendly days since it's been monsooning pretty steadily since I moved here, but on the rare days that the sun comes out I go straight to a park.

Last summer, I lived 6 blocks from Central Park so that was my go-to park. I actually may not have even realized there were other parks in the city. While Central Park is still my favorite, I've been trying to branch out now that I live in Gramercy, a good hour walk or 20 minute subway ride from my beloved Central Park.  Here are a few of my new favorites...

Stuyvesant Square (on either side of 2nd Ave, between 15th & 17th Streets)

Washington Square Park (at the foot of 5th Ave, between Waverly Place and 4th Street)

Madison Square Park (between 23rd & 26th, 5th & Madison).

Okay, so maybe Gramercy Park shouldn't be on my list since I don't have a key to actually get inside, but I do enjoy walking past it almost every time I leave my apartment since its just a block down. Goal while living in Gramercy = to get inside the park.

According to Wikipedia, there are 1700 public parks in NYC so it looks like I have much more exploring to do. What is your favorite NYC park?


  1. even though it's not much of a park, love union square, too! stuyvesant is my fave. i've been at sheep's meadow weekly haha.

  2. I grew up in NJ just across the river and went to NY with my family alot.
    Of course, being young and with my parents, NY is a lot different than it is when you're 22 and have endless social energy. Seeing NY through your eyes has been eye opening for me, and has made it clear why so many people can only live in NY (until they maybe outgrow it). Your descriiptions just place right me in the city, as if I've been transported. Love the pictures to. I look forward to following your journey. djs

  3. Can we just hop the fence? Seriously, I think it's do-able. I'm down if you are! And if we get caught I can check "Authentice NYC Jail" off my list as well!

  4. Elle - Ooh I do love Union Square, especially buying stuff at the farmers market and camping out on the park benches.

    Daddy - I'm not outgrowing NYC any time soon so don't get your hopes up :) Glad you're enjoying the pics!

    Lauren - We're finding a way in before the summer is over. Maybe we'll just start hanging around the lobbies of the hotels and apartments around the park until we befriend someone that can let us in? That may be better than hopping the fence/risking jail.