Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Apple, Here I Come

After living and interning in New York City this past summer, I've been convinced it is the perfect city for me to move to upon graduation.  There are so many job opportunities in the PR world and there's always something fun and exciting going on - perfect for someone in their twenties.

So I just spent the last few days in the city going to informational interviews, talking with PR professionals on the phone, and networking with anyone possible in the field.  I've gotten a lot of great advice on building a strong portfolio, getting involved with social media, networking in general - all things I need to keep in mind in the next few months when I begin my official job search.  However, there was one thing I heard over and over that kind of surprised me...

"In order to get a job in New York, you have to live in New York."

Seems kind of obvious, right?  I guess I had always assumed that I would stay in Athens, living in my cheap townhouse and bartending to pay the bills, until a job presented itself and THEN I would start looking for apartments in New York and make the big move.  Now, looking for an apartment seems to be the next big thing on my horizon.  This all makes sense, as I can see how agencies would be hesitant to hire someone who isn't yet living in the city, but I guess it just hadn't occurred to me until I was told directly.

Now, in addition to researching companies and job openings, I'll be looking at buildings and meeting with brokers trying to find my perfect apartment that I can somehow afford on my starting salary.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I was in New York over the summer too and it felt like a lot of people were holding back a little because they knew I'd be leaving again in a few months.

    This summer I'm just going for it and moving to London, so at least I'll be in the right place to jump into all the opportunities I can find