Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas

The more I think about moving to New York and talk with friends and family about it, the more I realize all of the life adjustments I will be making in 5 months.  I won't have a car to worry about, I'll be 800 miles further away from my parents, and I'll actually have a real job (if all goes according to plan).  With so many big life changes, I would think people closest to me would have more to say than - "How are you going to deal with the winters??!!"

Yes, I grew up in Florida.  Yes, it is currently 67 degrees in my hometown of Sarasota (4 days before Christmas at 10:30 P.M.).  I know, New York gets a little bit colder than 67 degrees in December.  

But somehow all I noticed when I was in New York this past week was how pretty everything was when it was covered with snow and how cool it was that I could actually make snowballs for the first time ever!  So I'm hoping my excitement over the snow will outweigh how miserably cold I am for 4 months out of the year... well, at least for my first winter as a New Yorker.

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