Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

So today was my first real SNOW DAY!  Growing up in Florida, the most excitement we got as far as school being cancelled was hurricane days... but those were mostly spent putting up hurricane shutters and taking them down 24 hours later since Sarasota never got a bad hit (knock on wood).  In my four years at UGA, we've had class cancelled maybe once for ice on the roads, but nothing could compare to the snow storm that hit Athens yesterday.  According to the Athens-Banner Herald, we got 6.5 inches but I'd be willing to bet it was closer to a foot! 

It was pretty and exciting at first, but I'm not going to lie I lost a little bit of my love for the snow when it took away my power last night, and I still had yet to get my internet back until a few hours ago.  If nothing else, this snow storm made me realize how much I truly rely on technology!  With no internet access, I had to call my parents to check on school being cancelled today.  I barely knew how to use the phone book to look up our cable company to check on repairs because I'm so used to looking everything up online!  Also, once the novelty wore off I wasn't too excited about being trapped in my house since I was scared to drive on the icy roads.

All complaints aside, Athens is beautiful covered in snow and I'm looking forward to many snow days in my NYC future.

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