Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bye For Now, Athens...

Dear Athens,

Thanks for giving me a better college experience than I could have ever imagined.  Five years ago, when I visited here in high school, I knew right away that I would be so happy here and I was right.  

Thanks for providing me with a great education at a wonderful school that will always be near and dear to my heart.  I could have stayed in state for free, but now I can't imagine my life if I had gone anywhere else.  

Thanks for forcing me to learn about football... because before I moved here I didn't even know how many points a touchdown was worth.  Four years ago, I went to my first football game ever.  Not my first college football game... my first football game of any kind that I actually sat down and tried to understand.  Four years later, I talk football with the boys and could do all the Georgia cheers in my sleep.  Now I truly know the meaning of "bleeding red and black."

Thanks for introducing me to so many amazing people, whose friendships I will treasure forever.  I came here knowing nobody, and met so many friendly and outgoing people that I felt at home right away.  It has been impossible to say goodbye to all of these amazing people, but I know most of them will be in my life forever.

Thanks for teaching me about what it means to truly live in the south.  I still don't like sweet tea or wear pearls, but I got to experience a whole new culture I truly knew nothing about before moving here... and now all of my northern friends make fun of me for saying "yall."

Most importantly, thanks for being my home for the past four years.  Now I know why people say college is the greatest four years of your life.

This isn't goodbye... This is "see you later," because I know I'll be back to visit, dress up for the games, tailgate with old friends, and go downtown like we did every night when we were freshman.  

Thanks for the memories.


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