Saturday, May 16, 2009

Growing Up

So I'm officially an adult.  I put down my security deposit for my new apartment, signed the lease, and even bought my first piece of furniture on my own.  Here's a few pictures of my apartment (obviously from the broker's website, I'll have new ones once I get it all decorated and homey).

The location is perfect, the space is great, and I just love everything about it! I feel so lucky that I found this apartment and everything is falling into place as I had hoped it would.  My lease starts in 11 days... which gives me about a week to finish up everything in Athens and work as many shifts as possible, and then a few days to go home to Sarasota before I move.

The next two weeks are going to be extremely emotional and bittersweet.  Half the time when people ask me about moving I get really excited and can't stop smiling, but then I think about all the memories and good times I'll be leaving behind in Athens and want to cry.  I've met such great people in my time here, and truly feel like I'm leaving a family behind.  And it's not just Athens, I'll have to say a sort of goodbye to my best high school friends.  Up until now, we've always had the same breaks from school and I always see everyone over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, and in the summer.  Now, everyone is moving their separate ways, going to grad school, getting jobs, and growing up! It's crazy to think of my friends that I've known for 15 years scattered across the country, and in a much more permanent way than college.  Of course the ones that matter will always stay in my life, but it's just hard to imagine not seeing some of these people on the regular basis I'm used to.  And then there's my parents... I think they kind of accepted my growing up and moving away when I left to go to school out of state, but this is more of a real move.  Their baby is growing up and moving to the big city, and I know they're terrified and excited and sad and happy all at the same time.  

I guess all I can do is keep busy, like I have been, and let things happen as they're supposed to.  Saying all these goodbyes will definitely be hard but I know I'll be back... back to Athens for football games and homecoming weekends, and back to Sarasota for beach trips and holidays.

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