Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Epting: Day 2

I just got home from my second day at Epting, and I feel like I have more of a grip on how we're going to tackle our project.  It's kind of hard since there are actually five of us (I initially thought there would be three) working together on the style book project and not everyone is in the office at the same time, but once we get everything delegated I think it will run smoothly.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are re-designing the style books for weddings, and will probably eventually move on to other events.  We decided the best method to create the book would be to use Shutterfly, which allows you to digitally create your own scrapbooks and charges one flat rate to print the whole book.  This way all of the interns can access one account and we won't get caught up in software complications or anything like that.  We prepared a budget for the project, and got to work on discussing our thoughts for the book.  

We discussed categories and decided on seven broad wedding categories.  There are endless lists of wedding themes on blogs and in magazines, but we came up with: Traditional Elegance, Contemporary, Vintage, Romantic, Beach, Cultural Beauty, and Nature Inspired.  These will probably change before the final project is completed, but they were what we initially came up with.  Then we divided the themes into decor, lighting, furniture, table settings, and floral.  From here, we will be creating layouts and selecting pictures which fit into each of the themes and categories.  

We've certainly got our work cut out for us, but now that we have a work plan and budget I'm really excited to get started!  More updates to come...

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