Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years' Resolutions?

So I'm about 6 days late on all this, but I've been thinking about "New Years Resolutions".  Well, not so much resolutions, because we all know nobody keeps them.  Here's my list of things I want to happen in 2009...
  • Find a way to balance school, 2 jobs, an internship and a social life.  I kind of lacked on the last part last semester, so it's a good thing my jobs are my social life. 
  • Put enough money in my savings account before I graduate to at least cover my first month's rent in NYC.
  • Become more knowledgeable about the Internet & social media.
  • Work on my blog's exposure and getting more readers.
  • Graduate
  • Find an apartment I like/can afford in NYC.  The first requirement should be easy, we'll see about the second one... 
  • Make a true effort to keep in touch with friends after graduation/moving.
  • Start an entry-level job or internship (ideally shortly after graduation).
  • Finish cleaning out my room at my parents' house.  And accept that I really now have to start calling it "my parents' house" instead of "my house".
  • Clean out/re-paint my townhouse in Athens.
  • Learn to flareOkay, now I'm starting to ramble so I'm going to stop the list there.
I think that should keep me busy...

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