Friday, January 23, 2009

New Internship

I'm starting a new internship Monday at Epting Events, and I couldn't be more excited!  I've always been interested in event planning, but I've never really gotten much experience in this area.  I wasn't planning on interning this semester but apparently I hate having any free time, and when this internship came along it seemed too cool to pass up.

There are a ton of interns and we're all working in different areas while still getting an overall understanding of the event planning industry and what Epting does exactly.  My specific project will be re-doing the style books and venue books.  I'm excited to apply what I learned in my Graphic Designs class a few years ago (which I loved), but I feel the need to point out why I got picked for this specific team.  

I love scrapbooking.

I'm serious!  In my interview we talked about the different teams and what areas there were for people to work in, and as soon as I saw the style books my eyes lit up.  I'm a scrapbooking nerd.  I have an entire bookshelf devoted to scrapbooks from vacations with friends, college years, family trips, etc.  Who knew this was such a marketable skill?  Maybe I should add "professional scrapbooker" to my resume...

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