Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Moving to New York this past summer was undeniably the best experience of my life. I fell in love with the city and learned the ropes so that when I make my real move there after graduation, I’ll know what to expect. I’m okay with taking public transportation everywhere, I know I can only buy small quantities of groceries because I’ll have to carry them all home, and I’m even okay with tiny living quarters (four girls in a one-bedroom apartment for three months, enough said). I got used to how much more abrupt people are in the north, and I can navigate through the billions of tourists in Times Square like a pro.

But there’s one thing I’m still worried about… cold. Surprisingly, this tends to be people’s first concern when I tell them about my dreams of moving to that big crazy city. Sure, I tell them I’ll be fine and that I’ll be too excited about the pretty snow to notice how cold I am.  However, these last few days in Athens have gotten me all worried again. It has been FREEZING, to the point that it’s cramping my style. Last week, my roommate and I justified skipping a workout because it was too cold. Not because we would have had to run outside, but because getting from the car to the gym would have been too much to handle. I’ve been out of paper for my printer for a week because I don’t want to leave my warm house, and I’m pretty sure my gas light has been on for about four days since I don’t want to leave my warm car. This is getting ridiculous.

So I’ll admit it… I’m miserable when it gets below 70 degrees (I was born in Florida, we don’t have winters there). And that may very well mean I'll be somewhat miserable when I do have to leave my apartment in the winter. But knowing all this, I still can’t help it… I’m obsessed with living in New York. The city sucked me in and I can’t see myself anywhere else after graduation, cold weather or not. I guess I’ll just be spending all of my money on coats, scarves, and boots...

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