Monday, January 5, 2009

Sarasota: We Live Where You Vacation

I don't know if it's because of the start of the new year, the fact that I'm about to start my final semester of college, or that my mom "suggested" cleaning everything out of my closet while I'm home (read: "told me that I no longer live here, so I should get my stuff out"), but I've been really nostalgic lately.  Today, while I was laying on the beach reading and relaxing, I realized how lucky I was to grow up in beautiful Sarasota.  Now, as I get ready to move even farther away from home, I keep getting more attached to and appreciative of the little beach bubble that I was born and raised in.  

In high school I hated Sarasota.  I don't know what more I wanted... we had good malls, movie theaters, beautiful beaches, and nightlife (not that I was involved with that in high school).  It just goes to show you how you take anything for granted if you're used to it.  After 18 years of living here, I was so ready to get out and move to another state to try something new.  Now when I come home on vacation, I realize what an amazing city it is (especially when I get to go to the beach in January).  Living a plane ride away instead of a car ride away will probably mean I get to come home less.  Of course, I'll come home to see my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I can't spend my summers laying on the beach and going out with my old high school friends like I'm used to.  I'm glad I've finally grown up enough to see what a beautiful and vibrant city I'm from, but it would have been nice to appreciate it growing up.  

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